Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Change in Venue

For those friends and followers of my assorted projects here, I have good news and bad news.

Good news:  I've started recapping two series:
1) "18 vs 29", a 2006 Rom-com KDrama; recapped in standard Dramabeans fashion (short sentences and lots of screenshots) - As of August 2th, I am up to Episode 4 of 16 total.
2) "Baby-Faced Beauty", a 2005 Rom-com KDrama; recapped like a novel, with minimal visuals.  An excerpt of Episode 1 is already available.

Good news:  My current fiction, "Hidden Love" Chapters 5 and 6, are completed.

Good news:  My www.Dramabeans.com -inspired fanfiction, "The Prince and His Harem" has been converted to a pdf file.  If you would like a copy, just send an email to shukmeister3@gmail.com, and I will send it to you!  If you want it sent to a Kindle device, please include the request in the subject line, and I will send it to your kindle.free.com email as well.

Bad news: For some reason, I am forced to reset my passwords over and over again for my google accounts, and I am closing this blog.  Not to worry; everything has been transferred to my new blog now located at WordPress.  I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but given my (and your) busy schedule, I just can't spend time over and over again resetting my access points.

The WordPress template is also a little easier to navigate, I think.  On the right side under "Categories"  I have separate files for each project: original fiction, recaps, etc.   For any questions, please send me a note!

Bad news:  I haven't been able to move my livejournal poetry blog to WordPress, so I will more than likely have to retype all my posts.  I will probably try one more time before I just manually move everything. 

After that, all my online Musings will be in one location, but it will probably take some time.

My new blog?  www.shukmeister.wordpress.com

And, always always thank you for your support an encouragement!


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