Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Prince and His Harem - Character List

Ahjummabunny Part of think-tank
Alua Part of think-tank
Ani saboteur on FLNG platform
CMRPrindle Prindle, phone contact - Chinese mole
Cynthia Meaghan's boss
Hillary Jambu Restaurant owner / computer nerd
Ivoire French connection, fled to Thailand
JoAnne Rickie's father's  Assistant
John  saboteur on FLNG platform
Jules took over for Meaghan
Leaf Tina, Meaghan's little sister
MJP25 Part of think-tank
Mystisith French connection - saboteur
Raine BKN Agent, Rickie's former boss
Ricky Rickie the main lead
Sethe Rickie's little sister
Shel Meaghan's neighbor, kidnapper
Shuk Mercenary, kidnapper on Bayliner

Color Legend:

Good Bad Neutral

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